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Thread: New pub visits 2021

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    Topped out at 149.

    Happy New Year to all, and let's hope all our counts are up in 2022.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
    Do you know which version of Windows you are using? If it is Windows XP then I know what is going on and it is a tricky one to help with.

    There might still be a way for you to get to PuG, try out this link
    I am on a netbook with windows 7 that hasn't had updates so I just cope with what I can, Not to worry, I sometimes find ways and means round it.

    Just used your link and have got the main page back, so bookmarked it....Cheers Dave.

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    Targets hit and missed in 2021:
    1) Upload all 2021 reviews before the end of the year - hit on New Year's Eve.
    2) Upload all 2021 photographs before the end of the year - completed on New Year's Day, so missed by 24 hours.
    3) Reach 55% of all open Central London pubs reviewed - badly missed for the third year running (was 53.4% a year ago, but curiously down to 52.8% - something to do with the mix of reviewed closures and unreviewed new openings).
    4) Reach 45% of all open Kent pubs reviewed - hit clear out of the ground (now 54.6%).
    5) Reach 40% of all open West Midlands pubs reviewed - just missed last year, but hit this time despite extended travel restrictions (now 41.9%).

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    Final tally for the year was 183, which I suppose wasn't too bad all things considered but well down on 'normal', whatever that is.
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