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As football fans will know the league season started again yesterday, and the blue & white Brazil sit proudly at the top of league one this morning. As I was idling my time away last night waiting for the 'Football League Show' to start I got to thinking of how many towns in the league have breweries as well, and could I transpose the towns and the breweries. It seems that I can !!

For instance yesterday, we could have had Golcar playing Castle Rock, this time Golcar coming out on top. Oakham travelled to the Bristol Brewing Co, Pictish against Camerons, Cumberland Brewing against Meantime, and so it goes on.

In the Championship, Ridgeside took on Flowerpot, and today Brains meet Kelham Island .The premiership gives us such gems as Marble, Wapping, Bull Lane, Banks and Lymestone to name but a few.

Try it yourself, it adds a bit more interest to the league tables, or may be you aren't as sad as I am !!!