Welcome to the forum, to try and cut down on stuck threads, I am going to try and keep track of the important threads here.

Other stuck threads will include this weeks and last weeks beer of the week thread and pub of the month. As these move out of date they are archived in the Beer of the Week forum (you can still post to them there).

If you are new to the forum why not do a post on Your Favourites to let us know a little about yourself.

If you are looking for something to post you could use This week, I'll be mostly reading / listening to / watching / going to see.... thread.

If you have seen a video you think others would enjoy why not post it on the youtube thread.

Alternative news that some may have missed can be reported in the Random News of the Day thread.

Know a good joke? Tell it in The Buffalo Theory and beer thread.

Some behaviour that irritates you in or about pubs, then Pub annoyances #834 is the place to vent (don't forget to assign a number to your annoyance).

You could join one of the Premier League Prediction Game or Pubs Galore Fantasy Football League 2010/2011, no need to know about football, I am in both of them so you will beat at least 1 person.

If any other threads should be here as ever just let me know.