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Today's beer is called Bianca, described as a mango lassi gose, brewed at Buxton for ridiculous Swedish contractors Omnipollo. Pouring took a while, due to the very high carbonation, but I eventually got a slightly cloudy golden glassful.

Something's up in the aroma. While it's piney and herbal, there's a suggestion of something more severe: a harder phenolic medicinal/chemical quality which I'm not sure is meant to be there. To put not too fine a point on it, the damn beer smells of formaldehyde. Thankfully that side is no more than an echo on tasting and the rest of it really does come through like a lassi: thick, salty and fruity all at once. I guess it's the salt that made them decide to badge it as a gose but it doesn't taste like a gose, being denser and sweeter.

Ultimately I think there's a clash here between the sweet and salty sides, and I should declare an interest in saying I don't really like lassi for that exact reason. Fill your boots, Omnipollo fans and those who think weird in beer automatically means good. This one wasn't for me.