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A whole week and not a drop of cheap cooking lager has passed my lips. A whole week of fine craft beer. In some ways I feel like a traitor to the cause of cheap lager. I see stuff like this on the internet and realise that the cause of cheap lager is a noble one. In many ways there is no cause nobler. The right of free born Englishmen to drink lovely cheap lout is part of what it means to be English. For every commodity there are differing products and price positions. My perspective has never been that craft beer was a poor quality product, but that cheap lager was also a quality product with a more appealing price/value ratio.

When you see stuff like this on t’internet, you see that that defence of the cause of cheap lout must be every present. Can you see a company marketing fine wine taking the effort to slag off a £2.99 bottle of Bulgarian plonk? Or would it more likely spend its marketing effort extolling the virtues of its own product with the view of making a £20 bottle of plonk appear a sophisticated and desirable product?

Luckily not all brewers are Brewdog and another Scottish brewery appears to be taking a far more appealing approach to the marketing of their quality offer. Namely handing out free grog to the likes of me. The lovely chaps at Williams Bros brewing are the nice people who have distracted me from lovely cheap lout. They sent me a box of grog to go at, and go at it I did.

The Celilidh lager (how the hell you pronounce that I don’t know) combines Czech hop, Belgian malt, German yeast & Scottish water to brew a delicious palatable and wonderfully neck able bottle of lout. Top stuff. I had 2 bottles to go at and they slipped down like a dream. Delicious lagery goodness. It has a crisp citrusy quality, light on the hops with a dominate malt sweetness. Not bad at all. 4.7% and hit the spot. A quality lout.

Lager truly is the ambrosia of the Gods, and it would appear our Scottish cousins know how to make a decent one.

I like the fact that many of these craft micro brewers make a decent lout. It provides a stepping stone to get people off the pongy ale and on to decent cheap fizzy cooking lager. Many beer geeks cannot make the transition to cheap cooking lager in one swift move. A stepping stone is the ideal route. Well done fellas and nice grog.