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I recently concluded a survey asking “What means of transport have you used to visit pubs in the past month?” There were 96 responses, of which 21 (22%) said they had not visited a pub at all. The remaining 75 were broken down as follows:

Foot: 64 (85%)
Pedal cycle: 10 (13%)
Motorcycle: 1 (1%)
Car, as driver: 28 (37%)
Car, as passenger: 25 (33%)
Taxi: 19 (25%)
Bus: 36 (48%)
Train or tram: 34 (45%)

So, a wide variety of choices there, including one solitary motorcyclist. Interesting that 15% of people who had actually visited a pub did not have one within walking distance that they thought worth going to. I would also like to know how much overlap there is between car drivers and passengers.