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... the Kelham Island Tavern. I has barely finished signing in and taking my seat before two men came through the door, approached the bar and introduced themselves as being from the Daily Telegraph, asking if they could speak to the landlady. The youngish lad who runs the place with his wife (he's looked about 16 for the last 16 years) asked them to wait a bit, but please keep out of his way as he was serving his customers and was on his own, and they sat down at the nearest table and started talking to one of the customers.

I don't normally interfere with private conversations, but these were journalists, so I put my mask on and approached them, asking if they were housemates with the man they were talking to, and if not why were they sitting at his table, and by the way, had they remembered to scan the QR code on entering and, for fuck's sake, where were their masks? They were a bit disconcerted, and issued an all round apology, and I retired to my table. I spoke to the people around me (receiving general support), along the lines of one rule for us and another rule, apparently, for them, at which point both the photographer and the journalist approached me and said that they had apologised. Yes, I said, but you still haven't logged in or put your masks on. By this time they were blocking the route from the bar to the seats and were asked to get out of the way.
https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/202...ans-face-life/ [Note the frequent references in the article to "rules"!]