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With no jolly excursion to the De Molen brewery last weekend, I'm comforting myself with a bottle of their beer I found locally.

Actung Berry is a Berliner weisse with added hibiscus and blueberry. It's 4.5% ABV and a very deep dark crimson colour. Hibiscus tends to make beers taste to me of raspberry and cherry, while blueberries are rarely perceptible, so it was no surprise to find this smelling like a summer fruit compote, the tart edge commensurate with what you'd get from real berries. Pleasingly, it does taste of blueberries, fresh and juicy and real. The hibiscus brings the red fruit too, of course, and it's quite fun to explore the flavours. This is helped by the beer being neither too sweet nor too tart, the sourness level just enough to make it invigorating without trying to be a full-on enamel-stripper.

This isn't the sort of thing I associate De Molen with, but I liked it; it's good fun and well put-together. Which is just as well since I won't be visiting for a while.