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Thread: how many different pubs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROBCamra View Post
    When we did a similar thing on "the other place" Millay and myself ended up joint top with something like 142 pubs each.
    I remember that well, it was back in March 2009 that we set ourselves the task of recording the number of different pubs we visited. I think it must have given you double vision though as our actual total was 74 each. Although the forums have now gone I've managed to find a copy of my end of month posting and have tried to upload it here (only had it in .wps format which wouldn't upload, managed to convert it to a .txt file but it's not easily readable)

    I don't think it will be that easy to hit the ton but I'll go for 108.

    I was thinking of having a quiet month but I suppose I'd better play the game.
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