Hi everybody,

My name is Adam and my team and I are currently in the midst of designing an app for use in pub and bars and wondered if you might be able to share some of your thoughts on the idea. I feel like this technology may be contentious among independent and leased pub landlords but we would still like to hear your thoughts and opinions because you form the largest share of the marketplace. If you do disagree I would also like to at least try and warm you up to the idea as this technology which will probably not suit every environment.

So, order & pay apps (table service apps) have become a popular solution to at least try and combat some of the difficulties with the current Covid crisis. However, currently all the order & pay apps are very fragmented and every pub group seems to be creating their own and independent landlords are opting for ones that can be provided by their point of sale software provider.

Our conversations with pub customers lead us to believe that this is unsustainable as the customer themselves are not willing to use so many different apps and input their card details separate 10 times or download multiple app on their phone. Yet they enjoy the convenience and pubs managers seem to believe their are efficiencies to be gained in not having so many customer queuing at a bottle neck point.

We propose to create an app that customers can use in as many pubs and bars as possible. So customers can come and go to whichever venue they want and still have an app with their details and payment info already to go. It would also include a form of loyalty scheme to try and make customer stay longer and visit more often to those participating pubs. The pubs in turn would be able to access customer data (not private data) to help them figure out exactly who their customer is, what they like, their gender, age, preferences etc to help create an offering that is customised and can create more value and therefore revenue.

What are your thoughts on these apps in general?
Thoughts on our proposal?
Are you interested in this technology and if so would you like to contribute to our research and become an early adopter?
Would you be happy to fill out our quick survey? https://forms.gle/gMUHN6U7uRFZmkDQ9

Any help is much appreciated and once again your thoughts are vitally important good or bad.
Thanks again