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Any trouble getting into the Old Fountain? I might give it a go if logistics permit. I'd love to see how they manage social engineering in the Euston Tap - if drinking outside, I wonder if the deranged junkies are still out in force along Euston Road...
Had to book a table at the Old Fountain and there was a lot less furniture than usual.Table service once you've ordered and paid on a QR code link,only two ales but both in top condition.Saturday last orders 8pm,but no pressure to drink up .Sloped off to nearby Craft Beer Co. ,no t&t,served at the bar,pub very busy but you had to be seated.This was the least Covid aware pub I've been to.

Will report back on the Euston Tap,but it was chosen for it's outside options and we have had a lot of experience dealing with the human detritus in that area.