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Thread: Pubs Galore 10th Anniversary Crawl

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    Taking advantage of the Travelodge offer of a free night's stay I'm booked into Birmingham Bullring hoping for a nice crawl of Digbeth on Thursday night and a trip elsewhere on the Friday, perhaps even to the Bartons in Aston.

    I don't have the original itinerary but according to the photo outside the Batons Arms on the 12th November 2010, the participants were:

    Ale & Hearty
    Roger Button
    Evil Gazebo
    Soup Dragon
    Andy Ven
    Paul of Horsham
    Oggwyn Trench
    Trainman & 3 mates
    Halfpint Gill & Ray
    Old Boots
    Having missed the original I'm certainly up for Friday November 13th ,maybe we will just have to be creative and flexible to make it work.Quite like the idea of a delve around Digbeth on the Thursday night too.
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