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IPA is getting dead mainstream in Holland. Several of the old Lager brewers make them

Heineken-owned Brand has an IPA and a Session IPA. The former is an OK beer. Not had the latter. On principle, as it costs more than the straight IPA, but us only half the strength. Where's the logic in that.

Heineken have yet another IPA in the Dutch market, in the form of Lagunitas. Do they brew it in Holland? It wouldn't surprise me.

Gulpener, quite a small Lager brewery, have a New England IPA, of all things.

Yesterday a beer in the cooler in Dirk van den Broek* caught my eye. Grolsch IPA. I couldn't remember seeing it before so I grabbed a couple of bottles.

I came down this morning and saw the two bottles were empty. I don't remember drinking those last night.

"Did you drink my Grolsch IPA, Andrew.

"Yes, Dad."

"At least tell me what you thought of it."

"I liked it."

Andrew got a taste for IPA while we were in the US. And also acquired a habit of hoovering up any booze we leave unattended.

Time to crack one open for myself. With a side sample for Dolores.

There's a bit of the grapefruit thing going on. Quite subdued. Not crap, by any means. Just inoffensive. I prefer a more in your face IPA. Like Sculpin. Grolsch IPA is also a bit weedy - just 5.5% ABV. Whilst Brand's is 7% ABV.

"What do you think, Dolores?"

"It's like the beers from Butcher's Tears. A bit like Green Cap."

"It does smell grapefruity, doesn't it?"

"Yes, but not too bad. Not my most favourite beer. But Drinkable." Dolores says, polishing off her sample. Praise indeed.

* A cheap and cheerful Dutch supermarket chain. Like Morrrisons, a bit.