Went to the Gardeners Rest this afternoon, but I forget to check their opening time, which is now 5pm at this time of week, so went to the Fat Cat instead. After a very nice pint of Kelham Island Best 3.8%, in superb condition and with a lovely bitter finish, I went back to the Gardeners. (They've dropped the website/email faffing that they had to start with, now it's just write your name and number on a pad and wash your hands.) Once inside I checked the pump clips - although it's table service but how do you know what you want if you don't look at the pump clips? Three beers on, every one of them pale and bland. No bitter, then, I asked the bar manager? He said that the last two bitters they had on, they had to throw four or five gallons away. He reckons that the older customers who drink it are not coming in. I didn't bother buying any of the bland beers - what's the point? Perhaps I should have posted this in the disappointment of the week thread. (Where's the emoji with tears running down?)