After 106 days off I had four pts yesterday tween two pubs and three pts today one in each of three pubs. So five pubs in total.

Only one case of name etc being demanded was back street boozer, the very first visited. Reports from after I left was that it all went to hell in a handcart by 8pm and landlady threw everyone out.
Second pub was mayhem with no cooperation from the punters to the stressed manager.

First today was afternoon time, everyone in pub was hammered, one barmaid with a throng, was like place had never shut, no following any guidelines at all, all standing round.
Second, ditto, jukebox so loud to be rattling the pub windows out, landlady behind the bar singing hotel california.
Third, a McSpoons, no meet and greet although it seemed there should have been, app showing drinks out of stock but they had them, contact tracing slips on tables but no pressure to fill them in, manager type in mask wouldn't lend a woman his pen "It's my only one and they don't provide them(!!!)", again pissed people staggering around "I LOVE YOU/MISSED YOU SO MUCH" etc. On departure unattended track and trace slip box by door ready to be stolen with people's details. Oh and they're advertising a beer festival in March.
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