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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 14th June 2020)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 14th June 2020)

    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    Vocation/Marble - Hop, Skip and Juice. A good accompaniment to a family reunion barbecue in Lytham.

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    Managed a decent bit of variety, this week, following deliveries from Saltaire and Firebrand (Cornwall), topped up with some kiddie cans, bought in Asda.

    Firebrand - Patchwork Rocket Pale. (c)
    Firebrand - West Coast Session IPA. (c)
    Firebrand - Graffiti IPA. (c)
    Firebrand - Citra Simcoe New England IPA.* (c)
    Firebrand - Coffee Stout. (c)
    Saltaire - Amarillo. (b)
    Saltaire - South Island. (b)
    Saltaire - Citra. (b)
    Saltaire -Imperial Triple Choc.* (b)
    Purity - Longhorn IPA.* (c)
    Bad Co. - Wild Gravity IPA. (c)

    Particularly enjoyed the Citra & Simcoe (from a brewery new to me) and the ITC, but I think the latter just steals it. At 7.4%, it's richer and more complex than the ordinary Triple Chocoholic. Apparently, it's brewed to a different recipe, also. Will definitely be getting some more.
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    Supermarket fare,all canned.

    Vocation -- Life & Death
    BewDog /Evil Twin -- Roaster Coaster
    Thornbridge -- Jaipur IPA
    Vocation -- Love & Hate

    All decent but BOTw goes to the most thirst quenching on a balmy evening Thornbridge Jaipur IPA

    Must get more variety next week.............
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    Augustiner Helles
    Drink drink, whoever you may be,
    we are the drunk and disorderly,
    and we’ll drink more beer wherever we may be,
    and we’ll meet you all in a pub said he.

    Dr Busker

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    Northern Monk Faith
    Thornbridge Jamestown
    Duvel Tripel Hop Citra
    BrewDog Zombie Cake
    Vocation Love & Hate
    Vocation Life & Death
    Salt JUTE
    Buxton King Slayer
    Toast Session IPA
    Fourpure Juice Box

    As good as ever Love & Hate is right up there but the top two this past week are The Tripel Hop Citra and Zombie Cake, two very different beers but I can hardly split them, split them I will though and BOTW is Duvel Tripel Hop Citra as it's a little different from the norm of late and was indeed quite an eye opener, dangerously easy drinking at 9.5%.
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    Craving a cask pint:

    Oakham Citra*
    Blue Monkey Infinity +1
    Northern Monk Newer World IPA*
    Marble Berimbolo*
    Marble Stout
    North Brewing Lost Cosmonauts
    Marble Cross Collar*
    Northern Monk New World IPA*
    Yeastie Boys Gunamatta*
    Marble Lagonda IPA*
    Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropica
    Tiny Rebel Pineapple Express IPA

    With the weather turning warmer BOTW Marble Berimbolo went down very well as a refreshing and thirst quenching 4.5%er.
    "Beer is food." Morse, Colin Dexter

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