1. Which has a beer garden with a nickname drawn from the small bear-like creatures’ village on Endor?
Faltering Fullback - the beer garden is known as the 'Ewok Village'.

2. Where in Limehouse would you find bar staff that’s out of this world?
The Grapes - Ian Gandalf runs the pub; his stick from the Rings films hangs behind the bar which he refers to as his Bar Staff.

3. Which is named not after an animal, but a mid-16th century philanthropist who brought water to Bloomsbury?
The Lamb - named after William Lamb, and not the sheep on the pub sign.

4. Which takes its name from one of Queen Elizabeth I’s Masters of Requests?
The Sekforde - Thomas Sekforde.

5. Which would you associate with French resistance?
The French House

6. Which pub underwent a residential conversion, netting its vendor loadsa money?
Queens No1 - converted into a house by Harry Enfield who then decided he didn't want it after all.

7. What was the best pub in Chelsea?
The Phene - George Best's 'office' - had a pee next to him once around 30 years ago.

8. Where in 1979, did a group billed as V2 play to an audience of just 9?
Hope & Anchor - U2, wrongly billed as V2.

9. Which pub takes its name from the founder of a London sports stadium?
Lord's Tavern - Named after Thomas Lord and is part of the Lord's Cricket Ground complex.

10. Which shares part of its name with the rider of a dream machine and the spiritual home of white van man?
Earl of Essex - Silver Dream Machine (David Essex) and Essex.