ROBCamra mentioned on another thread that some of the Blogs in the Blog Tracker section were a bit, well not to his taste. So not a poll but which bloggers are a "don't miss" and which "a load of piss" for you? I'm not suggesting the least favourite get kicked off the site this is just a bit of fun and no one gets hurt.

My list of what's hot: (when sticking to history)

and what's not - just the wurst: (boring) (mega-boring) (if you want to wind up this one, make a comment including the word "Eire" instead of "Republic of Ireland" he'll love you.) (that stream of consciousness stuff can get a bit waring)

others are just dreary or take themselves too seriously or pontificate with too little knowledge

(and/or bad spelling/grammar, does anyone these days know the difference between To, Too & Two or There, They're & Their? or not let their spell checker get away with Then for Than?)