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Thread: TV Theme Tunes

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    Default TV Theme Tunes


    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    There's also for TV Jan Hammer (Crockett's Theme) and Mike Post (Hill Street Blues).

    Let's run with this one!

    Cagney & Lacey - Bill Conti
    Miami Vice - Jan Hammer
    Knight Rider - Stu Phillips
    Taskmaster - The Horne Section
    Twin Peaks - Angelo Badalamenti
    Jeeves & Wooster - Ann Dudley
    Krypton Factor - Art of Noise
    BBC Test Cricket - Soul Limbo by Booket T & the M.G.'s
    I Dream of Jeannie - Buddy Kaye
    Bottom End Credits - The Bum Notes
    The Bridge (Bron/Broen) - Hollow Talk by the Choir of Young Believers
    Bod - Derek Griffiths
    BBC Darts - Douglas Wood who also did the Snooker
    Big Brother - Elementfour, which in reality is another Paul Oakenfold vehicle, a criminally underrated (but very wealthy off all his royalties) artist.
    The Life and Times of David Lloyd George - Chi Mai, a classic bit of Morricone
    BBC Formula 1 - (A bit of) The Chain by Fleetwood Mac
    Game On - Where I Find My Heaven by the Gigolo Aunts
    Peep Show - Flagpole Sitta by Third Eye Blind
    2.4 Children - Howard Goodall (a leftfield choice for best TV comedies? It was insanely popular and re-watching one earlier it's actually pretty good for a family friendly)
    Roobarb & Custard - Johnny Hawksworth (a perfect match for the programme)
    Grandstand (with classic ident!) - Keith Mansfield
    Casualty (the original) - Ken Freeman
    Mission Impossible - Lalo Schifrin
    Three from Laurie Johnson
    Animal Magic
    The Avengers
    World in Action (orig)
    LA Law - Mike Post
    Magnum PI - Mike Post
    Mid 80's Top of the Pops - The Wizzard - Paul Hardcastle
    Tomorrow's World (1987-93) - Paul Hart
    Man in a Suitcase / TFI Friday - Ron Grainer
    Tales of the Unexpected - Ron Grainer
    Benny Hill Show - Yakety Sax, Ronnie Aldrich
    Terry & June - Ronnie Hazlehurst
    Please Sir! - Sam Fonteyn
    Ski Sunday - Pop Goes Bach by Sam Fonteyn
    World in Action (the later theme!) - Mick Weaver and Shawn Phillips (there is some argument about who wrote this!)
    1986 Mexico World Cup ITV coverage, latterly Saint & Greavsie - Aztec Gold, Silsoe. The BBC one was also good -
    Might as well chuck up Nessun Dorma (it has to be the 1972 recording!!!) from Italia 90. When you actually read-up about this section in the opera though...
    The Equalizer - Stewart Copeland
    Sportsnight - Tony Hatch
    My So Called Life - Snuffy Walden
    This Life - The Way Out

    Bloody hell that's a list and a half. I watched too much TV as a kid.

    There's a whole other thread waiting to happen for film scores and tunes...
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    The two TV theme tunes guaranteed to be stuck in my head for hours on end after watching are Red Dwarf and The Littlest Hobo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinno View Post

    There's a whole other thread waiting to happen for film scores and tunes...
    A good list and great to see a couple by Ron Grainer, who composed two below and one from Laurie Johnson:

    Blake's 7
    Doctor Who
    Inspector Morse
    The Prisoner
    The Professionals
    Sapphire and Steel
    The Tomorrow People
    Weekend World
    World of Sport
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    Man Alive - Tony Hatch
    The Persuaders - John Barry
    The Rockford Files - Mike Post and Pete Carpenter
    Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads - Mike Hugg and Ian La Frenais
    Doctor Who (original) - Ron Grainer
    Randall And Hopkirk Deceased - Edwin Astley
    Danger Man - Edwin Astley ,this is just groovy.
    The Saint - Astley again.
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    Hawaii Five -0

    Book him Danno,Murder 1 three counts

    And another classic and much less clean cut The Sweeney

    One of the great outros as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinno View Post

    There's a whole other thread waiting to happen for film scores and tunes...
    "We've done that one", "err a man with two bums". (List idea)

    Anyway a few more not mentioned earlier:

    The Royle Family*
    Early Doors*
    Arena (Brian Eno)

    * add Caroline Aherne (Hook) and Craig Cash to my list of comedy writers.

    PS two more from the 80s

    Battlestar Galatica

    and thinking of Lorne Greene - Bonanza & westerns The High Chaperral
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    That's it.

    Oh, alright...

    Tales of the Unexpected.
    Hill Street Blues
    Last of the Summer Wine
    Star Trek
    New Statesman
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tris39 View Post
    This programme famously presented by former labour MP Bwian Walden had an extract from Nantucket Sleigh Ride by Mountain as the theme.

    I liked the Sweeney music which is (or was) used in the BBC daytime drama Doctors as the ring tone on the copper's phone.

    Surely there's nothing better than the eponymous theme to the drama series Life On Mars?

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    A few that spring to mind:

    Gazzetta Italia
    Jamie & The Magic Torch
    Roobarb & Custard
    Twin Peaks

    A recent documentary series on Netflix called "Dirty Money" used a great track from Run The Jewels which is a bit of an earworm of mine.
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    I think we are missing the great Robin Hood (riding through the glen etc). Which took the honour of being reworked by Monty Python as Dennis Moore.
    In similar vein, William Tell, much reworked by small boys using the rhyme 'smell'.

    Westerns were a good source of memorable tunes too:
    High Chaparral
    The Virginian
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