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Thread: Corona Quiz 6:

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    Number 4 was possibly the easiest to just guess and I was right. I've watched numerous programmes about this incident but remembering other essential facts isn't that easy as they are normally on late at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tris39 View Post
    1. Headwear of which two colours would you associate with Camden Town pubs?

    2. A journalist was recently assaulted where, on account of his sexual orientation and/or views on Brexit?

    3. Which pub would you associate with the Uxbridge English Dictionary?

    4. Where was George Cornell shot?

    5. Where was The Great Train Robbery planned?

    6. Which pub, bought for his mother, was passed by Reggie Kray’s funeral cortege in October 2000?

    7. Where was the Hatton Garden robbery planned?

    8. What turbulent pub links 18-06-1963 and 21-05-1966?

    9. Commedia dell'arte is the origin behind which common British pub name?

    10. Which takes its name from a performer whose clowning around was closely associated with the adjacent theatre?
    The Real reason I scored zero is because I always do in "The Smoke" unless the answer is The Harp!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqualung View Post
    I didn't stand a chance with 3. As for 8 I put the SE6 Fellowship & Star which is reported to have been owned by Henry Cooper.
    I had Harlequin as an answer for 9!!

    Is Punch & Judy a common pub name? I can only think of one!!
    Yes. I think that The Fellowship & Star is the pub most closely associated with our 'enry but I wanted another one to link him to Muhammad Ali, who visited The Haverstock Tavern, which I mentioned in my review.

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