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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 12th April 2020)

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    Butcombe Goram in bottles from the Spar in Martock.
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    This week:

    Marble Lagonda IPA*
    Marble Berimbolo*
    Marble Hopolata
    Marble Uppe Hela Natten*
    Marble Trials #2
    Braybrooke Smoked Lager
    Adnams Ghost Ship
    Northern Monk New World IPA*
    Bristol Beer Factory Southville Hop*
    Yeastie Boys Gunnmatta*
    Moon Gazer Golden Ale
    Blue Monkey Infinity IPA

    More mine sweeping, some older beers faring better than others, along with some fresher consumption. The Trials #2 and Southville Hop stood out but BOTW has to be Marble Berimbolo. At 4.5%, fresh, pale and hoppy it's a perfect thirst quencher at the end of a hot day.
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    Vocation barrel aged imperial stout. Cans.

    Another delivery to arrive this week of their Smash and Grab.

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    Managed to get a couple of bag-in-the-box beers delivered this week.

    Saltaire - Cascade. (b)
    Nomadic - Elephant Armour. (b-i-b)

    The Elephant Armour take the honours, a sweetish stout flavoured with black and green cardamom, coriander and cinnamon. Not as 'out there' as it sounds, I rather enjoyed it.

    I struggled initially with the dispense - a sort of dicky-prostate dribble, leading to a very unappealing pint, but managed to find a wonderful remedy online (Thank you, Mike Copeland at The Manor Inn, Pudsey). It was recommended to pour about an inch of beer into the glass and then blitz it with a stick blender for a couple of seconds. The beer could then be topped-up carefully leaving a tight creamy head,in the northern stylie. Have to say it worked really well and the head stayed right to the bottom of the glass. Not for everyone, I'm sure, but may be of interest to some north of Leicester.
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