I had a look at the shelf nearest my home cinema system at what titles were there which sort of expands my lists;

Monty Python movies box set + series 1-4
Blackadder box set
Bottom series 1-3
That Peter Kay Thing + Phoenix Nights 1&2
Fast Show Live
Little Britain 1&2
Best of Victoria Wood As Seen on TV + Dinner Ladies box set
The High Life
Ripping Yarns
Fawlty Towers 1&2
Rising Damp box set
Gavin & Stacy box set
Father Ted 1-3 + Christmas special
League of Gentlemen 1-3 + Christmas special + Live + Live Again + Apocalypse
Red Dwarf 1-12
Early Doors box set
The Goodies At Last
I Didn't Know You Cared box set
Young Ones series 1
In The Loop
Dark Star
Blues Brothers