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The same beer that goes into kegs goes into key kegs.keg beer bad, key keg good.
I don't think so, John. The beer served from key kegs is not necessarily either pasteurised or filtered. This "explainer" says that the majority of KeyKeg beers are brewery conditioned. (This piece is more than three years old - have things changed since? And is there any progress on the recycling/re-using side of things?) Anyway, some key keg beers are real, some apparently are not.

The trouble with Camra's "keg beer bad, key keg good" is that as far as I know they don't (as far as I know) help the average beer consumer to make this distinction between live beer in key kegs and pasteurised and/or filtered beer when in the pub. I have rarely seen beers identified in pubs as being served from key kegs, and I don't think I've *ever* seen it made clear that a key keg beer is actually still "live". I'll be happy to be better informed on this point, though. Anyone?