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Thread: Random news of the day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobyduck View Post
    A regular pub of mine prefers cash and pay as you go but if paying by card they run a tab until you've finished your session then paying in one transaction, of course this offers up the chance of someone (non regular) doing a runner.
    I find that in these instances, the pub puts your card behind the bar - not so easy when paying with a phone though.

    Quote Originally Posted by NickDavies View Post
    Remember the advert, "American Express says more about you than cash ever can"? Quite. Cash says nothing about you. If you're a small business it can be useful to keep some funds away from the prying eyes of the VAT man, the brewery, the pubco, your own accountant...
    I remember the American Express adverts! You are also right in that many businesses want cash only so as not to attract the attentions of the VAT man, like Arthur Daley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobyduck View Post
    Agree with that but in this case being a small pub and being a local, normally sat at the bar (frowned upon in some circles) I just pay up as I get my last pint/ round.
    Yeah, if you're staying in one pub for a couple of hours then a tab can be convenient and free up the staff to serve the next customer rather than taking a payment after each round. Ideally the pub will give you the choice either way.

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    Good news heard today is that Crown Posada should reopen shortly!
    On leaving the bar, I felt a strong blow to the back of my head. Turning round, I discovered it was the pavement

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