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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqualung View Post
    Joking aside, when I go to Spoons I regularly see people order Abbot and Ruddles. I've also had people tell me that Wainwright and Spitfire are their favourite beers. It's hard to know whether to burst into tears or burst out laughing.
    Many, possibly most, people stick with what they're familiar. The pub on the next corner from me is a brewpub. Of about six lines, there's usually three homebrew, two local beers, then London bleedin Pride, there, I suspect, for some loan arrangement. They sell a vast amount of Pride, and not just to tourists.

    I have a friend with whom I must have enjoyed hundreds of curries. In thirty odd years I've never known him order anything but chicken tikka masala.

    Then again, I'm not averse to drinking lager in there if I so fancy, so feel free to burst into tears or burst out laughing.
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