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Thread: 20 questions

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    All day sunday opening was in the Royal Tar Brentford. Gteat crowd of locals in there.happy days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROBCamra View Post
    Seems to be some more confusion going on here.

    There are thousand upon thousands of interior pictures on PuG, in fact most with interesting or historic interiors have them, they're just not shown on the front page.
    Maybe LC thinks they should be on the front page not just on the pub page?
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    Finally found some time to complete this:

    1. First pub you drank in: The Royal Oak, Chinnor. Sadly now converted into flats.
    2. Last pub you visited: The Inn at Emmington in Sydenham (Oxfordshire) on the Wednesday night before the pubs were officially closed.
    3. Last beer you had in a pub: Chiltern Brewery's Beechwood Bitter.
    4. First Beer Fest Visited: Haddenham Beer Festival, July 2006.
    5. Last Beer Fest Visited: Marlow RBL Winter Fest, December 2019.
    6. Total Reviews on PG: 962 - I really should do my best to get to 1k this year (once everything re-opens). I would have hit it last year if I hadn't met my current missus...
    7. Do you have to have a drink in a pub to review: Yes, even if it's non-alcoholic.
    8. Have you done a Winfield 22? Nearest total in a day: I did 20-plus pubs in a solo crawl in London a few years ago sticking to halves per pub, although I'd have to check my notes to confirm exactly where and how many.
    9. Favourite PG crawl: N/A - haven't attended one yet, but it's one for the bucket list.
    10: Least-favourite PG crawl: N/A
    11: First Pub Reviewed: The Boleyn Tavern, E13, 3rd January, 2016 - visited before a Hammers match at the old stadium.
    12: Last Pub Reviewed: The King's Arms, Cardington, Beds., 25th February, 2020.
    13. Happy to Drink in Wetherspoons: Yes
    14: Camra Member: Yes, Aylesbury Vale & Wycombe Branch
    15. Should we have interior pictures of pubs: Yes, but only if of historical interest; not interested in funny signs or the pint you've just purchased resting on a table.
    16. Is there any purpose in posting multiple pictures of a pub: Yes, although I can't think of any reason to post more than 3-4 of the exterior.
    17. If you had to go for a drink with one of these which one - Humphrey Smith, Tim Martin, or Boris Johnson: Boris - he used to be our MP 'round these parts before poncing off to become Mayor of London.
    18. No cask, so which one: Bud, Fosters, Carling or Stella: Stella
    19. Cask but which one - Doom Bar, London Pride, Pedigree or Bass: London Pride
    20. Favourite beer this year: Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild. Heard a lot about it on these pages, and finally got to try at The Beacon Hotel, although I was limited to a half as I had the car.

    Thank you setting these questions John. Really interesting to see everyone's answers.
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    1 first pub you drank in - The Papillon, Rugby. Legendary place and now Marstons and bland. The William Webb Ellis.
    2 last pub you visited - The White Horse, Welton
    3 last beer you had in a pub - Oakham Bishops Farewell in excellent nick
    4 first beer fest visited - Rugby Beer Festival around 1984
    5 last beer fest visited - The Merchants, Rugby 2018. They 2 per year and aim for 100 different beers over the course of a week for each.
    6 total reviews on PG - 670 with something of a backlog
    7do you have to have a drink in a pub to review - almost always
    8 have you done a Winfield 22 .nearest total in a day - No chance. Focus on quality.
    9 fav PG crawl- Rugby - only one I've managed.
    10 least fav PG crawl - N/A
    11-first pub reviewed - Can't remember but The Coal Hole rings a bell.
    12 last pub reviewed - Beer Gonzo, Coventry
    13 happy to drink in Wetherspoons- if there isn't anywhere else
    14 camra member- yes
    15should we have interior pictures of pubs- yes, if they add to the sum of knowledge
    16 is there any purpose in posting multiple pictures of a pub- not really unless each is genuinely adding
    17if you had to go for a drink with one of these which one Humphrey Smith,,Tim,or Boris - Boris
    18 no cask so which one bud,fosters carling ,stella -stella
    19 cask but which one doom,pride ,pedigree or bass - Bass
    20 fav beer this year- Howling Hops House IPA (tank)
    "Beer is food." Morse, Colin Dexter

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