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Thread: Favourite gig

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    One of Green Day, Offspring at the Nynex Arena in Manchester. Or Idlewild in Leeds Cockpit.. Or one of the many times I've seen the Ataris.

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    Probably The Stones, at Wembley, on the 1982 Still Life tour. Fuelled by plenty of beer and 'herbal cigarettes', it was a great day. As a bonus, Black Uhuru were in support. (Ian Dury & Blockheads, Sheffield City Hall, 1979, not far behind.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pubsignman View Post
    ...ATDI at the Camden Electric Ballroom...
    Ah yes...Camden Town's Electric Ballroom - not been in there for over 40 years!

    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    My better half saw the Who at Charlton Athletic and occasionally frequented the Top of the Pops studio when she was young.
    Oh to have frequented the TOTP studio...Though with the benefit of hindsight, not when Saville was presenting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tris39 View Post

    Oh to have frequented the TOTP studio...Though with the benefit of hindsight, not when Saville was presenting!
    She did her nursing training at St Mary's, Paddington and used to go with a friend from Shepherd's Bush, I think even then she may have been too old for "Sir" Jimmy, DLT may have been a different matter
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    Possibly Richard Thompson at The Ritz Manchester in May 1994.

    or maybe

    Prodigy at Manchester G-Mex in 1997 supported by a little known band called the Foo Fighters.

    Saw almost all the punk bands in and around 1977, mostly at the Electric Circus in Manchester where I went every Sunday.
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    Rammstein at the M.E.N Arena was pretty special , but the best was Stone Sour / Saliva at Rock City , great gig but memorable for my mate deiciding to show the kids in the mosh pit that a 50 year old could still do it and ending up dislocating his hip .
    Theres a Man with a Mullet going Mad with a Mallet in Millets !

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    Real difficult one this and plenty of contenders...

    Seen plenty of excellent Jazz concerts over recent years and Gregory Porter at the Pizza Express Jazz club in Soho some six years ago and Pee Wee Ellis at last years Ealing Jazz Festival are recent stand outs.

    But remembrances of younger days when I could jump around probably remain favourites in memory Including any of the multitude of Elvis Costello and Average White Band gigs I have attended over the years, with Elvis Costello at UEA in back in the early 80’s when, due to knowing the Uni Ents manager, we got let in early and were front row.

    But probably the favourite still remains when Rock Goes to College came to Hatfield Poly in 1979. Maybe because the tickets were free and no one had heard of the band so there were no great expectations, but The Police were bloody brilliant that night.

    If we also have a most scariest gig category that’s much more easy for me and also comes from 1979 when I agreed to accompany a mate who went to Middlesex Poly to go along and see Sham 69. It’s clever being wise after the event but wearing my anti nazi league badge probably wasn’t the smartest thing to have done and came perilously close to me getting a severe dose of grievous bodily harm on the night.
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    A pointless post but great gig 24 years ago today.

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    Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie - Twins of Evil Tour, Birmingham 2012. Great to see both of them on the same night, excellent gig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ROBCamra View Post
    Possibly Richard Thompson at The Ritz Manchester in May 1994.
    I remember him from Fairport days when he looked so young he should have been wearing short trousers, unlike all the ludicrous oafish buffoons you frequently see today.

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