Not the most pressing topic at the moment, but the mind tends to wander in the current tedium.
when reviewing pubs we have the option of rating the pub between 0 and 10, I know not everyone likes to do so and individually different people have different ideas of the meaning of the scale.
Personally I find the ratings very useful when researching a crawl, also seeing who rates a pub a certain score you can get an idea of the validity of the score. The main point I want to make is, would it not make sense to enable half point scores, there are some pubs for example I think sometimes a pub is worth a 7.5 rating , better than a 7 but not quite an 8. To me a 7 rated pub is a good pub worth a revisit, whereas once we get into 8,9and 10 territory I consider them elite, destination pubs. Maybe I'm just being to picky, any thoughts.