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    Quote Originally Posted by london calling View Post
    Still able to drink while on the phone so now on
    magic Rock --dark arts hazelnut stout.
    nice but one dimensional strong aroma of hazelnuts
    Yes, hazelnuts are tricky. There was one that Neepsend did a couple of years ago - I came across it when I was scoping the pubs in NuL for our pub crawl there. It was very subtle, with the nutty flavour developing gradually. If the proportion of nuts had been wrong it would have been nutty to start with, then nuttier and nuttier. Subtlety is the name of the game (and not just with hazelnuts, I would say).

    Quote Originally Posted by london calling View Post
    best Dark Arts I had was at a Craft Beer Co festival where they have one with rosehips . The only rosehip beer I have had easily 9/10
    Sounds fascinating. Was it sweet? Or bitter? I once made a wine with rosehips, but it was a lot of hard work for a not terribly rewarding result.
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