Avoiding the pub today because I was with my daughter and her boyfriend - she reckons she is getting enough exposure to possible pathogens (she's a school teacher) without going to pubs too - so we picked up a few bottles and cans from near her place. I quite liked the look of a can of Dry & Bitter Vague Vessel 6.2% from Denmark, but when I opened it there was a smell of lemony sweetness. I was misled by the name of the brewery, because this was easily the sweetest NE IPA I have had so far, with no redeeming features whatsoever - ok, so it didn't taste like grapefruit juice. Here's what the blurb on the can said: New England IPA 6.2% Abv 440ml A half-remembered dream of sipping tropical haze on a faraway extraterrestrial craft. Dry-hopped with a concoction of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe. Vague Vessel will transport your consciousness back to the multi-coloured expanse in the distant heavens.

Like I said, you can't knock it if you don't try it. So I tried it, and now I'm here to knock it. This is a poor excuse for a beer. If I want to "transport my consciousness back to the multi-coloured expanse in the distant heavens" I think I'd rather go for magic mushrooms. If I want a beer, I think magic mushrooms are still a better option than this bollocks.