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    Third beer from Stiro Beers is Tomos & Lilford Annwyl 5%, brewed with added rose petals to "celebrate the ladies of Llantwit Major, who once lured marauding pirate invaders to their demise, saving our town." I was a little doubtful about buying this one, but it's proved to be interesting. Though as sometimes seems to happen with brews made with unusual ingredients, it pours a reluctant head which disappears within seconds. There's a perfumy aroma, and I thought I detected a touch of yeast bite too. I remember this from occasional disasters when I used to do a bit of home brewing, and this one has it very subtly both on the nose and in the mouth. It would be quite easy to miss it if you hadn't experienced it before, and it's mostly drowned out by the sweetish flavour of rose petals. But at least the historic town of Llantwit Major is safe from marauding pirates. Thank the lord for all those rose-strewing women. Or ladies. (Here are some hints for the possible meaning of the name of this beer: Annwyl.)
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