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Thread: Whats your job and is it safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Ale Ray View Post
    Teach music. All put on hold for the moment, worrying times indeed.
    Self employed or local council? either way things could get very dodgy, probably will do for all of us; is Mrs A in a risky place as well?
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    I work for a company that manufactures all types of conveyor belts. They gave me a letter yesterday authorising me to travel to work if I am stopped by a government official. It appears we are an "essential service" as we supply a lot of belts to food producers.
    We have been on overtime for the last 2 weeks - we even worked on Saturday!
    I was quite hoping they would close for a couple of weeks if I am honest but I suppose I should be glad we are busy and I may as well earn a little extra. Shame I can't go to the pub with it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by london calling View Post
    Looks like a lot of people are going to lose their jobs with this virus.I do maintence jobs for local estate agents. My work load will diminish as people wont want any non essential repairs done but I should be able to find some work. I am over 65 so get a pension so should be alright.Already a lot of the tenants on zero hours contracts have contacted the landlords to say they cant pay the rent and will need at least 3 months rent holiday. Hard times ahead for some.cheers john
    Change of plan.I am coming in contact with too many people so did my last job today.Just have to tough it out.Spent £160 on paint today so the house is going to get redecorated. Busmans holiday as they say.

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    Very, very glad to be retired (apart from a little freelance writing) but thinking of all those who are not so lucky. Fascinating array of jobs we all have though.
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    IT engineer, working for the NHS so job should be safe for the moment but who knows what might happen?
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    Also IT, currently doing mainframe security for a bank. Which on the face of it sounds great, banks will always need IT Security staff. Well, yes, but I’m very much on the project side, not BAU and I’m a self-employed contractor rather than an employee. If profits take a dive, projects will be the first thing to get canned and they can basically terminate me at any time. So, it’s just fingers crossed.

    Mrs B on the other hand works for a drinks wholesaler delivering to bars and restaurants. So obviously she has no work at all. She’s being furloughed on the government 80% scheme from the beginning of May.

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    Early Years Childcare Practitioner. Close to Liverpool Royal Hospital so still open for NHS staff kids only at mo.

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    Software engineer for major glass manufacturer. Safe at the moment, but currently working from home

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    I am fully aware that I am one of the lucky ones.. With no particular hindsight, having paid off my mortgage and finished paying for the kids education I decided to retire second half of last year after 40 years in the electronics industry and 30 years working for a Japanese semiconductor manufacturing who provided a decent contribution pension scheme.

    And as also blessed with a large back garden by North London standards I intend to ride it out with a beer on the patio chairs....

    It’s all you self employed folks I really feel for and my heart and hopes go out to you guys and I also really hope the government is true to its word in your direction.

    Still in contact with all my ex colleagues and being engineers they are all ok at the moment, but due to the manufacturing lag nature of the industry the pain won’t hit for about 6 to 9 months when the slowdown in the automotive market (50% of the European electronics market by value), and the industrial market (40%) will be felt. For sure there will be an upside in the medical market but unfortunately the electronics value in a ventilator is bugger all compared to a Standard saloon car nowadays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ETA View Post
    IT engineer, working for the NHS so job should be safe for the moment but who knows what might happen?
    Quote Originally Posted by hondo View Post
    Prescription pricer - paying the chemists for the prescription drugs they dispense. At the moment still working in the office while they attempt to figure out if we can work from home. I was meant to be down in London next month for a concert.
    might need your help if nhs scotland ever gets me working from home 70 left in office out of about 1500
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