A quiet week spent locally :-

Crouch Vale Blackwater Mild 3.7%
Salopian Chameleon 3.8%
Southwark Routemaster Red 4.2%
Wimbledon Pitbull 4.5%
Siren Undercurrent 4.5%
Ilkley Rongo 4.8%
Mad Squirrel Sapling Session IPA 4.8%
Southwark CF185 5.0%
Brewdog Punk IPA (keg) 5.4%
Mad Squirrel Big Swa 5.5%
Alphabeta Viking In The Woods 6.0%

Although not outstanding the Southwark CF185 was as good as any. I assume the CF185 is a new hop It was £2.19 in the Wanstead George. The real winner was the new Tesco Roaster Coaster Stout at £3.50 a tin. This is a 9% coffee/chocolate/vanilla milk stout that includes a nitrogen widget. It appears to be a collaboration between Brewdog USA and Evil Twin. I loved it and found it extremely drinkable for the strength.
Nevertheless, the cask gets the gong.

BOTW Southwark CF185