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A few days in Stourbridge returning via the Great Western in Wolverhampton gave this :-

Holden's Black Country Mild 3.7%
Holden's Black Country Bitter 3.9%
Hophurst Hogamadog 4.0%
New Bristol Brewery The Joy Of Sesh 4.2%
Hobson's Shropshire Star 4.2%
Fixed Wheel Whitey 4.2%
Tiny Rebel Cask IPA 4.3%
Batham's Best 4.3%
Big Bog Billabong 4.4%
4Ts Busman's Pale 4.4%
Kinver Crystal 4.5%
Kinver Noble 4.5%
Arbor C Bomb 4.7%
New Bristol Brewery Rock 'N' Star 4.8%
New Bristol Brewery Lost In Clouds 4.8%
New Bristol Brewery Lemon Jelly IPA (keg) 4.9%
New Bristol Brewery Boogie Under (keg) 5.0%
Hydes Provenance Munchen 5.0%
Holden's Special 5.1%
Salopian The Bends 5.2%
Lakehouse Cherry Chocolate Porter 5.5%
Dancing Duck Abduction 5.5%
New Bristol Brewery Macho Mucho 6.0%
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild 6.0%
New Bristol Brewery Creme Brulee 7.0%

A word about the New Bristol Brewery beers, apart from the Crème Brulee they were cloudy and crap. I've no idea if the cask ones were supposed to be like that..
The winner is the Lakehouse Cherry Chocolate Porter (£3.60) as tried in the Stoubridge Queens Head. It's not too sweet and the flavours weren't overpowering.

BOTW Lakehouse Cherry Chocolate Porter
New Bristol was my brewery of the year.But what do I know.Not tried any of those so cant comment.Yes always murky beer in my experience.