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News has come to 'A Swift One' that there is soon to be a change of management at the Rat & Ratchet. Sam Birkhead, the long time manager of the pub, is leaving for pastures new and his replacement will be Rob Allen, formerly of the Shepherds Boy in Dewsbury.

Rob is well known at the Rat having previously been barman and chef there before his move to Dewsbury and is easily identifiable by his hat and ponytail. I have high hopes that he will continue the pub in the same vein as Sam and it will go on from strength to strength. It will be good to see him back where he belongs.

It is a shame though that the Rat will lose a committed manager like Sam who has always tried to think outside the box with his commitment to his mild festival and his introduction of real cider to the pub. He has been the recipient of many deserved awards from Huddersfield Camra and he will be missed. We wish him well for the future.