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Thread: Suggestions for additions to the Blog Tracker

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    Default Suggestions for additions to the Blog Tracker

    I mentioned this to Dave some time last year, and it's been on the back burner for quite a while now, with (I suspect) the gas accidentally turned off.

    In the early days of this site there seem to have been quite a few blogs added to the Blog Tracker sub-forum, but I reckon a lot of them are no longer functioning, or have had their URLs changed or something, as nowadays there are only about half a dozen being picked up. Most of which are Shut up about Barclay Perkins, which seems to have new posts appearing several times a day.

    Anyway, in the topmost thread there is a request (#41)to send any future suggestions for inclusion in Blog Tracker to this Requests forum, so here I am.

    I think about beer

    The Snap and the Hiss

    The Wicking Man

    Wee Beefy's Pub Blog

    Lady sinks the booze

    Retired Martin

    Pubmeister Writes

    Life After Football

    Good Beer Hunting

    Appellation Beer

    Bring on the Beer

    Towards the Purrfect Pint

    A Good Beer Blog

    The Fatal Glass of Beer

    JC's Beer Blog

    Oh Good Ale

    Ed's Beer Site

    Beervana: The Blog

    Lost Beers - The history of beer from Belgium, The Netherlands (Holland), and elsewhere.

    [The Beer and Pubs Forum - but see discussion below about a more appropriate way of linking to this.]


    Beer Compurgation


    All the pubs we've ever been to ever

    Will Hawkes

    Seeing The Lizards


    Refreshing Beer

    Look at brew

    The Beer Nut


    The Ale in Kaleigh

    Real Ale, Real Music

    Prop Up The Bar

    I'll update this list as and when I come across any others that I think might be worth adding - until Dave admits he doesn't know how to add new blogs to the Blog Tracker!
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