New this year, we've uploaded almost 50 Christmas quizzes for you to use this festive season!

Our 2019 Christmas Bumper Quiz Pack is the perfect way to fill the pub for a couple of hours! 11 rounds featuring 100 Christmas-themed questions and 20 Christmas Celebrity Faces to identify in the bonus picture quiz:
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Though if 10 rounds seems a bit too long, we've also got regular Christmas Quiz Packs to pick from, featuring 50 questions and a 10-picture interval round:
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Of course, the traditional pub quiz is not for everyone. We also offer a range of quiz formats to accommodate all needs:

Christmas Handout Quizzes - no quiz master required! Just print and give out to teams to complete at their leisure.
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Christmas Quiz Bingo - the ideal quiz for a mixed-ability crowd. Quizzers must place their answers on their bingo sheet - trying to create lines of correct answers. The answers are then read back in a different order to the questions and the first team to get a line wins the prize! Of course, you can also do prizes for a full house or multiple lines - the choice is yours!
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Christmas Quiz Fortunes - based on the gameshow 'Family Fortunes', we've asked 100 people 12 festive questions and the quiz teams must try to guess the top 4 answers! Extra points can be given for getting the top answer in the right place!
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Christmas Smell Quiz - can be used alone or as an unusual round to your Christmas pub quiz, the smell quiz contains 10 festive scents for quiz teams to identify! Guaranteed to make your Christmas Pub Quiz the talk of the town!
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