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Thread: Why are most of new pubs/bars that open crap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delboy20 View Post
    The sad fact is that these classic pubs can't be simply built or opened up. They develop over a number of years and many have fallen by the wayside never to return.
    You've put into words something that crossed my mind as soon as I saw this thread. However, there's always the odd exception, Wigan Central and The King Arthur for example. The King Arthur had the Batham's Holy Trinity going on Friday, Mild, Best and XXX.

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    Thank god for the odd exception! The King Arthur is a great pub.

    You are spot on with your comment on Black Country Ales opening good new pubs but they are usually conversions. I am looking forward to Seven Stars.

    Also looking forward to The Colmore

    I am a salmon !!

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