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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 13th October 2019)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 13th October 2019)

    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    Weald of Kent


    Yorkshire North and West,County Durham,Leicestershire,Cambridgeshire:

    Yorkshire Dales-Drovers Arms:3.9%abv-an easy drinking 'Dunkles' style dark 'un.Blackberries.
    Yorkshire Dales-King's Blonde:4%abv-very pale, assertive hops.Yum.
    Black Sheep-Best Bitter:3.8%abv-not sure what they've done here, but this was delicious:luscious yet gritty.
    Yorkshire Dales-Butter Tubs:3.7%abv-fruity and zesty pale ale.
    Yorkshire Dales-North Grain:3.9%abv-Delicious very pale session APA.Piney,grassy hops,stone fruit.
    Wensleydale-Coverdale Gamekeeper:4.3%abv-Mid brown best bitter.Oranges.Reassuring.
    Yorkshire Dales-Cafe Amsterdam:3.9%abv-Very dry,very hoppy, very good.Spicy, arboreal hops.
    Brown Cow-Ledsham Sessions:3.6%abv-Light pale ale.Stone fruit.
    Brewsters-Try,Try,Try Again:4%abv-I don't usually go for sports related beers, but this is a genuine hoppy Bitter,served via a sparkler.
    Grainstore:Tupping Ale 4.5%abv-A taster told me this beer wasn't for me:very malt driven.
    Scribbler's-Hoppy Potter & the Goblet of Ale:4.2%abv-A light APA.Stone fruit,oily hops.A new brewery for me.
    Lacon's-Union:4%Abv-Autumnal fruit,spice.Inspiring.Good to see this fine old brewery revived.

    Not a bad week-no real stinkers, and a tight battle between Yorkshire Dales North Grain
    and Cafe Amsterdam.My BOTW-Cafe Amsterdam,taken at The Bridge Inn. The real surprise of the week was the Black Sheep, taken in some style at The Rose & Crown
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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    Gold Hobgoblin, in the Midland, Stockport. Was quite unimpressed on our Wellington Road North crawl given previous experiences of the pubs on that stretch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wittenden View Post
    Black Sheep-Best Bitter:3.8%abv-not sure what they've done here, but this was delicious:luscious yet gritty.
    New brewer.

    Anyway onto my list, longish but generally uninspiring with honourable exceptions;

    Saltaire - South Island
    Ballistic - Short Fuse
    Naylors - Old Ale
    Taylors - Golden Best
    Lagunitas - Session IPA
    Cold Bath - Irish Cream Stout
    - Delerium Tremens
    Blanche de Bruxelles - Wit
    Ilkley - Mary Jane
    Peroni - Lager
    Harrogate - Calypso
    Roosters - Behemoth
    Thwaites - English IPA
    Marstons - Wainwright
    Great Newsome - Sleck Dust
    Marstons - Pedigree
    Greene King - IPA
    Theakstons - Best Bitter
    Turning Point - That's Numberwang
    Cathead - Peach Tree
    Mallinsons - Rakau
    Old Mill - Bitter
    Trinity - Hop & Under
    Atom - Quark
    Rat - White Rat
    Hilltop - Stout
    York - Centurions Ghost

    (the Belgian ones were draught so I've included them)

    Turning Point - That's Numberwang, mint & strawberry beer, mad but it works from a brilliant brewery that's never boring even if it doesn't always pull it off.

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    Very quiet week inspiring some envy of the longer lists.
    Cans were the only contenders.

    BOTW Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi IPA. An American IPA which isn't overpowered by New World hops achieving a very moreish balance which is dangerous at 6.8%. Would like to try it on cask.
    "Beer is food." Morse, Colin Dexter

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    Good week for me, managing two decent sessions.

    Nottingham - Centurion.
    Ossett - Excelsior.
    Stancill - Kelly.
    Ainsty - Assassin.
    North Riding - Citra.*
    Mill Valley - Yorkshire Rose.
    Stancill - Black.
    Thornbridge - Brother Rabbit.
    Jolly Boys - Jolly Collier Porter.
    Surrey Hills - Shere Drop.
    Bishop Nick - Divine.
    Ballistic - Short Fuse. (JDW Fest)
    Belhaven - Barn Dancer. (JDW Fest)
    Rat - King Rat.
    Bad Seed - Kiwi.
    Chin Chin - Route 101.*
    Sunbeam - Chocolate Mild.
    Five Towns - Sweet Thing Reprise.
    Fernandes - Malt Shovel Mild.*
    Abbeydale - Moonshine.
    Fernandes - Drippin' Bitter.
    Acorn - Old Moor Porter.*

    Rather like 'old boots', there was a fair bit of chaff and not too much wheat. BOTW is an old favourite, the ever reliable Citra.
    'And where he supped the past lived still. And where he sipped the glass brimmed full' John Barleycorn, Carol Ann Duffy.

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    Out saving pubs and enjoying it.


    A good beer weekend,

    Flowerpots Perridge Pale 3.6%
    Long Man APA 4.8%
    Cracklerock Crackatoa 6.2%
    Dark Star APA 4.7%
    Red Cat Art Of Tea 3.6%
    Test Brewing Dun Stout 4.2%
    Urban Island Mosaic 4.0%
    Vibrant Forest Black Forest 4.9%
    Vibrant Forest Pupa 4.5%
    Vibrant Forest Metamorth 5.5%
    Vibrant Forest Kaleidoscope 6.5%
    Wild Weather King Street IPA 5.9%
    Wild Weather Full Of Beans 5.0%
    Wild Weather Shepherds Warning 5.6%
    Silver Brewhouse Glasshouse 5.6%
    Animal Crow 4.6%

    Everything on the list was pretty good with the exception of the Crackatoa ,the alcohol overpowered any other flavour there might have been, half of it got ditched. BOTW this week is Vibrant Forest Pupa . I am expecting the coming week to be subdued.
    Last edited by Mobyduck; 15-10-2019 at 20:55. Reason: Forgot the Long Man
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    A short stay on the North Wales Coast saw this :-

    Robinson's Dizzy Blonde 3.8%
    Hook Norton Steaming On 3.8%
    Liberation Colney Hatch 4.0%
    Shepherd Neame Sheps Light 4.0%
    Purple Moose Union Foundry Ale 4.0%
    Purple Moose Myrica Gale 4.1%
    Cwrw Ial Kia Kaha 4.3%
    Purple Moose Chocolate Moose (keg) 4.5%
    Snowdon Craft Driftwood Amber 4.5%
    Belhaven Barn Dancer 4.5%
    Wolf Voyager 1 4.6%
    Salopian Beatific 4.6%
    Conwy Surfin' IPA 4.8%
    Hook Norton Mash Challenger English IPA 4.8%
    Stod Fold Mandarina Bavaria 5.0%
    Shepherd Neame Alesmith Nut Brown 5.0%
    Greene King Ruby Abbot 5.2%
    Brewdog Punk IPA (keg) 5.4%
    Coney San Francisco (keg) 5.5%
    Salopian Bubble (can) 8.0%

    The winner was the Purple Moose Myrica Gale which was a really tasty low abv stout tried in Conwy's Albion. The Spoons festival ales were a big disappointment. The best of a bad lot was the Hook Norton Steaming On.

    BOTW Purple Moose Myrica Gale

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    Croydon,Market Bosworth,Hinckley and Ham.

    Thornbridge -- Jaipur IPA *
    Ringwood -- Fortyniner *
    Marston's -- Burton Bitter
    Blue Bee -- Sorachi Milk Stout *
    Brewsters -- Hop a Doodle Doo
    Marston's -- Pedigree
    Adnams -- Broadside
    Brixton -- Reliance Pale Ale (keg)*

    BOTW goes to Sorachi Milk Stout ,scoring 3.5 in the very pleasing Elbow Room .

    Next week will all be about Shrewsbury,although a lunch in Cambridge and the footie may also influence drinking.
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    central London crawl
    mad squirrel -de la crème
    tring -old bridleway
    Essex st citrus pa
    Bexley -session ipa
    wilde child -breakfast of champions
    croft ales -black book
    bad seed -session ipa
    bedlam -benchmark
    gun-project Babylon
    wild weather -hero factory
    st austall -mndarina Bavaria
    and the first beer I had and the best beer
    tiny rebel -cask ipa chinook

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