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We’ve decided it’s time to make a concerted effort to get our heads round cider which is why we’re declaring it the drink for us in October.

We reached this decision at The Orchard, one of Bristol’s best cider pubs with a long menu of examples of farmhouse scrumpy.
It frustrates us to be presented with so much choice and have so little clue.
We order almost at random and sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.
So, that’s our aim for the next few weeks: to try different makers, different styles, and form some Opinions.
We could read books – and maybe we will dip into the odd one – but this isn’t about hunting down world classics, it’s about knowing which of the products we’re likely to encounter in Bristol and around are worth ordering twice.
By way of a baseline, we’re going to make an effort to try and think about some of the big brands, too.
It also gives us a great excuse to visit or revisit all of Bristol’s cider pubs and understand better their traditions, rituals and history.
And who knows, we might even finally try a tin of Natch.
What we’re up to in October: Cider Season originally posted at Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog