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Oh dear, I recall Mrs Ale having a similar experience whilst taking a picture of a pub in Stratford on Avon. After taking the photo from across the road, we heard a string of expletives from a fag smoker outside the pub who appeared out of nowhere. We hadn't intended going in anyway. Needless to say, we made a hasty exit...
Yup! This is why so many of my photos are taken at such awkward angles, having walked past a pub and received a look from a smoker which says 'Don't even think about pointing that camera at me!'.

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I'm guessing you must have disturbed some local drug dealers or something to get that kind of reaction.
Sounds likely. I'm not sure if the goings on behind the scenes at Oxford's Old Black Horse are completely legit - I've never drunk up and left a place so hastily in my life.