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Thread: Photo suppression Email notifications to contributors?

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    Default Photo suppression Email notifications to contributors?

    I got an email today saying review added at X pub so went to read it to realise 0 pictures where showing from contributions over the years, pub still called the same name, so nothing related to name change which I've noted before.

    Since I went in Feb 2018 and added pictures, nothing in updates to imply it's closed and reopened so how do these pictures get removed from main page? Who makes the decision for that and as a result is there a way a notification can be sent to people who have submitted pictures be sent to alert them that their pictures are being suppressed/removed from main page so they can review and reinstate\if they feel there is no reason for this to happen. Could understand if server space related remove picture from X years ago but keep three years ago. The last picture for this pub was August 2019 so that makes even less sense.

    Correct me if I've missed something informing of policy change as I've not been around on here much. Still got pictures and pubs to add from visits since Easter that I haven't got round to yet.
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