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Thread: List of Sam Smiths London pubs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinno View Post
    I recall being told many were freehold and that is partly the reason why Sams don't need to raise revenues or sell shares - Humph is sitting on a mega million property empire.
    I wrote to Sam Smiths donkey's years ago asking for a list of their tied houses but got a reply stating that they were just a small Yorkshire brewery. I think they may have suggested some areas in Yorkshire.
    The one that interests me the most is the Fleet Street Olde Cheshire Cheese as on a visit to Marston's brewery when they were the only pub in London selling Pedigree I was told they sent more Pedigree there than to all of their Southern outlets which I believe were mainly in the Winchester area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinno View Post
    That's just a number of different Humphs ala Mr Benn!
    The trustee for the various trusts that own the Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster) is Samuel Smith (Southern).

    The three shares in Samuel Smith (Southern) are held by HRW Smith, OGW Smith and Rochdale & Manor.

    The 250,00 shares in Rochdale & Manor are held by, low and behold, HRW Smith (250) and Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster) (249,750).

    That's a nice circle!

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