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A pathetic week with a disastrous choice in the George last Tuesday with five beers from the Marston stable only one of which was worth a go. The other four were Bombardier, Pedigree, Lancaster Bomber and Wainwright.

Portobello Tropical Crush 4.4%
ELB Nightwatchman 4.5%
Portobello Market Porter 4.6%
St Peters Plum Porter 4.6%
Reunion Isotonic 4.7%
Brewdog Punk IPA (keg) 5.4%
Marston Old Empire 5.7%

I've seen the St Peters Plum Porter mentioned in a bad light somewhere else. It was in good enough nick but quite sweet with a similar overpowering plum flavour as the Titanic one which better. I've no idea what Reunion are trying to achieve with the Isotonic beer but I thought it was poor. The best of a poor bunch is ELB Nightwatchman.

BOTW ELB Nightwatchman
Had a half of the Isotonic about a year ago and it said gin and tonic flavoured and thought it wasn't a bad drop.It was on tonight in one of my locals and I asked the barman/barlady he/she is trans what she/he though he/she said definitely avoid.Had a lovely pint of Kernal -stout instead.