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These are all the stories about beer and pubs we enjoyed most, or learned the most from, in the past week, from Wetherspoons to museums.

From Jeff Alworth, an epic – a two-parter pondering the question of why we like certain beers and dislike others:
Let’s try a thought experiment. Select one of your favorite beers and think about why you like it. If I ask you to tell me the reasons, my guess is that you will talk about the type of beer it is and which flavors you like. Since you’re reading this blog, you might talk about ingredient or even process (Citra hops! Decoction mashing!). If I asked a casual drinker, someone who drinks Michelob Ultra, say, I’d hear different reasons, but probably something along the lines Elizabeth Warren offered: it’s “the club soda of beers.” No matter one’s level of knowledge, our opinions about beer appear to come from the liquid itself.
Part one | Part two

Tandleman has been observing what he calls the “slightly tense calm” of early morning in a Wetherspoon pub:
By 8.50 there is a palpable sense of expectation in the air. Eyes flick towards the bar. A few more arrive. Minutes tick away and suddenly there are people coming back to their tables with pints of beer and lager. One dedicated soul has two, which he arranges carefully in front of him, rims almost touching. Overall pints are evenly split between lager and John Smith’s Smooth.

SOURCE: Manchester Estate PubsStephen Marland has turned his nostalgic eye on another lost Manchester pub – the topically named Apollo Inn in Cheetham Hill. Construction, conversion, conflagration, collapse… The tale is familiar.

The Riverside Museum, Glasgow.From our old Penzance pal Tehmina Goskar comes a piece not about beer but that will perhaps be of interest to anyone who’s ever been to a beer event or received a box of beer in the post:
Everything is curated these days. We’ve all seen it. The Curator restaurant, Curators’ snacks, Curator clothes labels, beard curation and even curated ears–which has nearly 40,000 posts tagged on Instagram. By comparison #museumcurator is tagged in 4700 posts. But when is curating, not really curating at all? In this post we explore this question with museum curator Emma King, Director of the Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre and Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association at the University of Huddersfield.

Related: archives come into their own on #InternationalBeerDay.
60 years ago, beer-based election fever hit Britain
The Brewers’ Society stunt ad campaign (“puts Pub into Publicity”) ran parallel to the 1959 General Election & used the electoral allure of posters, TV ads & skiffle on a float #InternationalBeerDay
— Warwick MRC (@MRCWarwick) August 2, 2019
#InternationalBeerDay? Yeah, we have images for that!
— Sainsbury Archive (@sainsburyarch) August 2, 2019

Ian Thurman has updated his list of pubs that consistently sell draught Bass. The text hasn’t changed since he first wrote it last year but is worth revisiting as a heartfelt tribute to this cult beer.

This exasperated Tweet thread from Beth Demmon made us laugh:
Hot take: I don’t want any craft beer trends to go away except problematic behavior from those working in/around the industry. Everything else style-wise is a moneymaker, so brewers, do what you want to/have to do to stay profitable!
— Beth Demmon (@delightedbite) August 2, 2019
Is it… possible… craft beer nerds… just like to complain????? #hugeiftrue
— Beth Demmon (@delightedbite) August 2, 2019
There’ll no doubt be more links from Stan Hieronymus on Monday and Alan McLeod is regular as clockwork every Thursday.
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