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Thread: Autumn 2019 Shrewsbury Crawl Dates and Venues

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheffield hatter View Post
    Yes, no one objected to the date, no one objected to my idea of allowing until the end of July for objections, and no one contradicted BF when he said it was a sensible suggestion. So, Friday 18th October it is, then.
    I've got 3 nights at the PI booked which is nearer £50.00 a night than £30.00 as it's under three months away. I've also got the tickets up booked. Anyone thinking of staying on Friday night should note that Wolves are at home to Southampton on the Saturday making the evening trains through there difficult.

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    Local B&B booked. Will be in town for the Thursday night also..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oggwyn Trench View Post
    Did someone say local knowledge

    The well trodden Ale Route around Shrewsbury inside the Loop (Shrewsburys nearly an island , the Loop refers to the part of town inside the loop of the River Severn) goes like this

    Salopian Bar , modernish Ale Bar
    Shrewsbury Hotel(JDW) , most publike of the 2 spoons in town
    Armoury, gastro pub but a good selection of ales
    Montgomerys Tower (JDW) , less publike but better beer
    Wheatsheaf , Marstons usually 6/7 beers on
    Three Fishs , very good pub , 6/7 mostly local beers
    Loggerheads , Marstons , worth a visit for the interior
    Yorkshire House , its a bit bonkers
    Nags Head , can be hit and miss ale wise , but has a 500 year old smoking shelter
    Coach and Horses , lovelly victorian corner pub , usually 4/5 local beers
    Admiral Benbow , decent pub 6/7 local beers

    Its worth a walk up Coton Hill to the Woodman and the Royal Oak , its only a 5/10 minute walk , the Dolphin is also worth a walk but is a bit further .

    Plenty of other pubs around in town , and a short walk away .

    The Abbey must have changed a hell of a lot , its was just a bog standard Ember Inns pub on the few times i have been there .

    This seems like a good starting plan. The only outlier not mentioned is the Joules Bricklayers in Copthorne but isn't worth the diversion. The Dolphin is worth a look but is a big diversion although there are buses. There are three very near the station that may be worth adding as Wild Cards the Castle Vaults, the crafty Castle Hotel and the Albion Vaults.
    Some people may not be happy with including two JDWs but on the other hand I'm not happy with including Marston outlets. That doesn't matter as I'll be doing a Lite version of the ultimate crawl.

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    I didn't really get involved in the date selection process as we don't get out with you on a regular basis these days, but will not be able to do 18th as we are booked into travelodge at Sheffield that day, but hope you all have a really good time. Enjoyed meeting up with you on our last visit to Sheffield. Have just had a few days in York, and will be enjoying a couple of days in Liverpool and Bristol later this month, so are still interested in both pubs and beer.

    Have fun.

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    Sadly can't make the Thursday or Saturday so will be day-tripping up from Surrey on the 18th.
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    Day trip down from the North Yorkshire / Durham border for me. I'm passing through Shrewsbury at the end of Sept on route to Aberystwyth so if there are any wildcards needing checking out...

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