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So I have now done the timings for my plan with 11 pubs and for a 11.45 start in the Salopian and 30 minutes in each, it should have us finishing after 30 minutes in the Royal Oak at around 10 past 6.

I haven’t been paying attention to anyone’s train exit strategy so apologies if that is too late a finish for some.

And I have to point out also that is using google maps walking pace and not Aqualung walking pace..
I'm sure Aqualung has his own plans.

I designated three pubs as "wild cards" because a) I have been there and wasn't that impressed, or b) the description on WP and/or PG wasn't all that tempting. Obviouly, if people like them and want to spend half an hour there, that's fine.

Your timings are very similar to mine, but I get the impression that the walk from Nags Head to Cross Foxes and back will be worthwhile, but obviously those who don't agree can skip that and do other stuff instead, as always.