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Right gave this a whirl once, didn't work. But I can be as stubborn as Theresa May. After I finally got the Historic Lager Festival to fly, I've only become more insanely determined. Who would have thought anyone would go for that?

I don't want to go into too long introduction to the concept. But maybe I will. I rarely have any idea of where posts like this will end up.

WW II themed historical recipes, is the basic concept. Released next year to coincide with the end of WW II. A much happier event to commemorate than its start. (The starting date being also far harder to pin down. Once I'd have said: 1939, or course. But for Americans and Russians, it's 1941. For the Japanese and the Chinese they invaded, the date might be as early as 1931).

This is meant to apply to professional brewers. Other arrangements will be available for home brewers.

Here's the simple version. I provide an old recipe from, I was going to say: one of the war years. What I meant was: 1939 to 1945. (Six years and six is my favourite number. Or maybe 15. I'm getting to old to even remember all the weird shit in my head.) You brew it and sell it to your customers.

Maybe I'm oversimplifying.

I provide a recipe, you get to use my name and benefit from me plugging the project like crazy.

In return, you pay me a sum. Whatever you think is appropriate. Just use the GUILT BUTTON to the left. Fill in the amount of your choice.*

Pick any style you like. As long as its one of the four UK styles. Or Lager. Or some Scottish stuff.

* Note that, the more generous the contribution, the more likely I am to turn up for your beer's launch. And the more interesting recipe you're likely to get.