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Thread: Good to be back.

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    Default Good to be back.

    What have i missed whilst being away? England football team letting football get in the way of there annual holiday,they should be made to compensate all the pubs that have brought big screen tv's and compensate all the fans who travelled to watch them,what a disgrace the whole build up was a complete farce and yet they keep faith in Cappello and what about Steven Gerrard wonder who he paid to keep his latest antics out of the papers?
    Anyway i have meetings with golf club and a council next week who are taking interest in the vending machine also have 3 more local pubs to install a machine.
    We have started to add various sweets in the machines and jelly belly beans have been very kind in donating us with some very good samples of there 50 flavours which when aded were sold very quickly we also vend Swizzels Love Hearts and children are loving them.
    We are invited to attend a school summer fete with tilly-miss as star attraction (fame has arrived) so looking forward to getting tilly-miss noticed.
    All our machines are doing very well far better than expected especially in the cotswold's area a social club with golf society is really pushing out more than i could imagine and they love the colour balls more.
    Anyway its good to be back home out in the open fields and woodlands doing what we enjoy most.

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    Good to hear it going well and the business is expanding. I think the acceptance that we are rubbish at football is sinking in.

    How was your touring?

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