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Thread: Sheffield Crawl July 2019

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    Ms CAMRA and I will be in Sheffield on the Thursday night.

    No idea where we're going yet but it will involve a restaurant and probably The Head of Steam as Ms CAMRA really likes it.

    We'd normally book a table at The Milestone and visit Stew & Oyster and The Harlequin on the way back, but as we're in KI the day afterwards...……….
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    I think I've already said that I'll be there Wednesday and return Saturday evening. I'm not up to anything with a lot of walking. As far as the day goes my priorities are to do the Bath Hotel, the Wellington, Bar Stewards and the Shakespeare. I haven't finalised other plans but but Wednesday will be near the hotel, Thursday one or two Thornbridge pubs and ditto Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheffield hatter View Post
    As it is not clear that anyone is interested in the suggestion of arriving in Sheffield on Thursday 11th for a pre-crawl crawl, or staying over until Saturday 13th for a post-crawl crawl, the attached document confines itself to a plan for Friday 12th. Anyone who would like to do an additional crawl on the days either side can contact me via this thread or by a personal message.
    Thanks Will,that gives a good idea of options and a solid list of main targets.
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